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The Numbers Have It!

It can be difficult for language learners to say big numbers out loud when they read about them in different situations. For example, 1989:           Dates:  1986 (nineteen eighty six)           Money, population, etc.:  1986 (one thousand nine hundred and eighty six)           Mathematics:  1.986 (one point nine eight […]

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Open Doors

Confiding a sensitive issue takes courage. Each conversation needs private, alone time without interruption.  The door is shut, the phone is off; the speaker is assured of undivided attention, and feels safe knowing there is nothing more important, at that moment, than the issue being discussed.  It is a time of close eye contact and […]

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English – An Adaptable Tool

As we know, no two individuals speak identically. Thus, language changes, often infinitesimally, whenever speakers come into contact with each other. Clearly, people from different geographical areas speak differently, but even within a single community there are variations according to a speaker’s age, gender, ethnic group as well as their social and educational background. Through […]

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The Right Words Every Time

We have all been in situations where we hear or read something and think to ourselves: “I wish I had said or written that”. These are perfect phrases: memorable quotes and ways of expressing ideas that can be used time and again for certain occasions and events.

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What’s in a Name?

If a language learner doesn’t realize the positive or negative connotation of words they can really cause offense! That is why you need to learn the cultural connotation as well as the dictionary denotation of words.

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