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Headlines as Framer of News Stories

Headlines frame News stories and direct our responses – are we really unbiased readers?

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Speak Often!

Sometimes, we have time to prepare what we will say at a scheduled talk or in a debate, but at other times we have to speak “off the cuff” (without any preparation)! So it is good to practise speaking “off the cuff” from time to time, so that when we are caught unawares, we are able to “think on our feet” (think of things to say very quickly).

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The Basic Requirements of Being a Good Father

Are you a good father? Do you want to become a good father? How many of the requirements below have you met?

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The Language(s) We call English

The language we now call English should really be called the “languages we know as English” since it is a mixture of many languages. In this mixture can be gleaned the history of invasion and settlement of the British Isles.

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