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Untranslatable Words Can Expand Our Imagination

Investigating how people express things in another language not only expands our vocabulary, but our imagination as well, even if some words are not easily translated.

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Watch, Enjoy … and Learn English!

One of the most entertaining and rewarding ways to experience English is to go to the movies. Movies are fun, exciting and stimulating. There are now so many ways to experience movies: not only by going to the cinema, but you can also watch them on TV, on your computer or even on your smartphone.

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Proof – Seeing is Believing

The dictionary defines the word “proof” as “evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth”. “Proof” is also the name of a 1991 Australian film about trust.

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Organised Timetables Help!

It is essential for all of us to have some ‘down-time’ in our busy lives.

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It’s All in the Way You Ask It

Asking questions is a natural aspect of communication, but also one of the most important tools that we have at our disposal. Every question demands a response – except in the case of requests, commands or suggestions.

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