The Basic Requirements of Being a Good Father

Are you a good father? Do you want to become a good father? How many of the requirements below have you met?

1) Play with your child: spend at least half a day per week enjoying some time alone with your child (such as watching TV, cartoons or playing games)

2) Story telling: tell at least one story every 2 days to your child during their early childhood. When they are in primary school, read them at least one story per week.

3) Take your child outside: Take your child to join outside activities once per week, and take the child for a picnic once a month.

4) Read with your child: In early childhood, try to study storybooks together with your child. This helps to develop the child’s reading habits.

5) Take your child to a book store or a library.

6) No smoking and No excessive drinking.

7) Fulfill your promises: try your best to fulfil your promises to your child. If for any reason you cannot keep your promise, apologize and make up for it.

8) Love sincerely: love yourself, love your partner and love your child.

9) Take care of and look after your parents.

10) Be a role model: you must do these things you have asked your child to do. Bring positive messages to your child. Be honest, and kind.

11) Listen to your child: be patient to listen your child’s thoughts, help them to solve their problems and encourage them. Be the “best friend” of your child.

12) Share happiness: share your happy things with your child, and they will do the same.

13) Respect your child: give your child some privacy. Do not read their diaries, messages or telephone.

14) Be understanding: try to think and understand your child’s position. There may be reasons why your child is acting strangely.

15) Show trust: give every opportunity for your child to learn new things, and encourage them to learn from their mistakes.

16) Love the child’s mother: do not disparage the child’s mother, so that the child knows to love their parents.

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