A Father-Teenager Relationship

The important role a father plays in helping teenage children develop social skills is currently a hot topic!  A father’s active participation in a teenager’s life can be essential to increasing that young person’s self-esteem and awareness of good social behaviour.

When a father and child spend time together, the child feels that this time is especially precious because the father is giving his full attention to the child.  Naturally, this feeling of aloneness with a parent enhances a teenager’s sense of self worth and makes him or her feel exceptional.  Although this interaction develops the young person’s social skills, more importantly, it enriches the father-child relationship, and adds a new depth to their love and respect for one another.

The mother, who has played such a vital role during the earlier years of a child’s growth, can step back a little during this developmental stage of a teenager.  The mother’s role has been one of “carer” throughout a younger child’s development, while, in the teenage years, a father’s role is more that of “mentor”.  While both parents play an essential role in the development of their children, it is pleasant to realise that there are times when each can simply be an enthusiastic support, and stand on the side-lines for a while.

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