A Friendly Tone of Voice – How does it sound?

How does a friendly voice sound?

A “friendly” voice lets people know that they can trust and rely on us. Speaking clearly, naturally, and with confidence, means that our voice will project sound better – without any nervousness constricting our voice. Shouting or yelling, speaking too quickly, or mumbling does not indicate friendliness. Another way to sound friendly and meaningful is to speak sincerely, which we sometimes say is “speaking from the heart”.

Speaking from the heart means speaking with a deeper pitch of voice, slowing down the pace of delivery, and pausing at suitable times. Even giving presentations in a friendly voice will help win over an audience – slow down your speech by paying attention to full stops as they are like “speed bumps”, indicating that you should rest awhile. Watching videos of important people you admire or who have given famous speeches or speech givers will show you how to do this.

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