I will, I will, I promise I will

It’s music to my ears when someone says, “It’s done.”

It’s a relief to my stressed-out mind when I’ve accomplished a long-term goal, like clearing space in my overstuffed, underused bookshelves.

I love it when my husband tells me that he’s arranged our entire travel plans, or when the accountant proposes a clever tax report that can be finished well before the deadline.  It’s magical to be one step ahead.

So, when I tell people that “I will, I will, I promise I will . . . ,“ I say it with conviction, but cringe a little bit inside because I know I’m reacting – I’m trying to catch up.  Perhaps a few failed attempts to get up early enough to have a beautiful morning of uninterrupted productivity.  Probably too many caffeine-fueled days that did not yield quality work.  A few missed school deadlines for my son that I thought I could easily accomplish.

Maybe that’s why I need five-star service when I go out.  It’s a panacea, a quick fix to hear a waiter say “Certainly . . . Of course . . .” It makes me happy to know that something will, most certainly, be done.

© Hoi Yee Yip

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